Andrew Capshaw
Software Engineer


Indeed · June 2014 – Present

I've worked as a Software Engineer at Indeed since June 2014. During that time, I've worked on a variety of projects and teams, slowly working myself into a leadership position of a small team of three engineers.

Consistent Responsibilites
  • Manage weekly releases including triage, backlog grooming, and release management.
  • Mentor new hires, rotational engineers, and interns.
  • Participate in the recruiting process by interviewing candidates (200+), training interviewers, attending college career fairs, and giving on-site candidates demos.
  • Lead and participate in design reviews for projects in my product area.
Example Projects
  • Built functionality to handle sales-rollout of new incentive structure: handled requirement-light, time-sensitive project, negotiating requirements to ensure that the project was delivered on time.
  • Generalized bulk uploads in homegrown CRM. Consolidated disparate upload pages with common UI and workflow, improving user and developer experience.
  • Architected and prototyped an initial design for a replacement internal tools portal, allowing distinct web applications to be served with common UI features, navigation, and permissioning logic (ACLs).
Leadership Experience: Indeed University
  • Managed a cohort of six individual contributors new to Indeed, providing guidance, mentorship (1x1s), and end-of-quarter evalutations.
  • Organized brainstorming sessions, led the brainstorming working group.


Rice University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)
Fall 2010 – Spring 2014

Technical Experience

  • Javascript (React, JQuery)
  • CSS (+ SASS)
  • Responsive Design / UX
  • Python (+ Django, Flask)
  • Java (+ Spring)
  • SQL (MySQL mostly)
  • RabbitMQ
Development Environment
  • OS: OSX & Ubuntu
  • Editor: IDEA & Atom
  • Version Control: Git